We possess an extensive background in software for Education, E-learning, Knowledge and Document Management. We develop a number of high technology solutions, which includes the development based on a proprietary know how. We will be glad to apply our expertise for solving your issue. Our experience embraces solutions of various scopes: from mobile and desktop applications to corporate-level solutions.

Health Care

Quality service and reliability of supply is essential in the healthcare and hygiene industry, but the supply chain is increasingly cost and security driven. Grapple software Care has invested and positioned itself to be a leading player in the field of healthcare logistics.


We go beyond standard investigative methods and procedures with state of the art technologies to ensure accurate reporting, lower costs, and sidestep unnecessary invasive testing methods.We believe successful design solutions are the result of a comprehensive program that addresses conflicting elements of aesthetics, cost, durability and environmental responsibility.


The automotive industry is one of the most important economic sectors on the planet. It is a huge employer of skilled workforce and a key driver of innovation. Modern vehicles are safer, more fuel efficient, and more technically advanced than ever before.Through our range of services, we assist organisations to manage their performance, operate sustain-ably, review suppliers and supply chain risk, explore opportunities in emerging markets and low cost sourcing.


Improve accuracy of demand and supply forecasts. Track leading indicators to adjust operations to market changes. Exploit sales, marketing and customer service processes reducing the cost to serve. Reduce plant, asset and procurement costs.Providing Utilities companies with industry specific data migration, data quality and information governance solutions accelerates project timelines, streamlines data governance initiatives and enhances operational efficiency and sustainability.


Grapple Info Solutions comprehensive range of offshore retail solutions has helped many retail companies become more operationally efficient. By leveraging our offshore retail solutions, we have helped numerous retailers achieve end-to-end product visibility across the supply chain. Our retail practice has extensive experience in servicing the IT needs of all major retail format types, including discount stores, department stores, specialty retailers and Internet/catalog stores. We also have expertise in warehouse management solutions which help retailers improve their operational efficiencies and automate their processes.